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 The Iguazu Falls are waterfalls of the Iguazu River, which is partially in Brazil and partially in Argentina, South America. (national geographic Photo of the Day)

   This is just the most gorgeous cloudscape EVER. These are lenticular clouds, stationary lens-shaped clouds which form at high altitudes in a direction perpendicular to the wind. These are in Catalonia, Spain (marialuisa flickr)

   Palo Duro, Texas, USA (pavonne

   Attabad Lake, Xinjiang, China (KOKONIS on flickr)

   Hyacinths aka bluebells in the village of Vogelenzang, North Holland, the Netherlands. Vogelenzang is Dutch for bird song. I love this so much I would walk here and I’m on a different continent. It is time for spring fever! (larsvandergor flickr)

   ”Shipwreck Cove: Zakynthos, Greece (Nadia and Casey Photography)

   Mitford Sound, Southland, New Zealand by takuta on flickr