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beautiful-wonderful-world:Pick a place for yourself - Zlatibor inspired.. :))) by Katarina 2353 on Flickr.

wonderfulwonderfulworld: Belgrade (which translates in English to White City) is the capital and largest city of Serbia, a landlocked country in Central or Eastern Europe, depending upon whom you ask. It is most certainly part of the Balkans, however; and lies south of Hungary and west of Romania.

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   Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA (Derek Licek on flickr)

  Rainbow somewhere in the south western United States. This is practically three-dimensional, it’s so well done. (Colby Allen on flickr)

   Satara, in the country of South Africa (by Sandra Leidholdt flickr)

   The fantastically beautiful Alexander von Humboldt, the German representative vessel in the annual Tall Ships’ Sailing competition. This is the PERFECT SHADE OF GREEN on a ship of dreams. (Tall Ships 2011 on flickr) This post dedicated to my German Tumblr friend selfishjean

   Hawaii, USA and HOW FUN WOULD THIS BE?? (topendsteve on flickr)

   This is just the most gorgeous cloudscape EVER. These are lenticular clouds, stationary lens-shaped clouds which form at high altitudes in a direction perpendicular to the wind. These are in Catalonia, Spain (marialuisa flickr)

   Pamir Mountains, Afghanistan; known since Victorian times as  ”The Roof of the World” (wikimedia)

    “After the Storm” southern Florida, USA (zensart flickr)

   Rosenlau, Switzerland (katarina 2353 on