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   Sailors aboard one of the Tall Ships start off the race in Waterford, Ireland. (Tall Ships 2011 on flickr) I counted fifty of them and an arm. 

   The fantastically beautiful Alexander von Humboldt, the German representative vessel in the annual Tall Ships’ Sailing competition. This is the PERFECT SHADE OF GREEN on a ship of dreams. (Tall Ships 2011 on flickr) This post dedicated to my German Tumblr friend selfishjean

   Hawaii, USA and HOW FUN WOULD THIS BE?? (topendsteve on flickr)

 Okay NOTHING is better than this. Sea-foam green waves, creamy white crests, the spray and the sound and the SEA LUST. This is in the Pacific Ocean off the island of Hawaii. (Don Briggs flickr)

   If this does not inspire sea lust in you, there is no hope. This is off the coast of Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Along with its surrounding minor islands it constitutes an autonomous region of Italy. (Stefania Guidice)

  Surfer in Tasmania, Australia (Stuart Gibson)

  The Pacific Ocean off Goat Rock Beach, California, USA. (Nancy Goodenough on flickr)

   Les Calanques de Marseilles, France. A calanque is a steep-walled inlet, cove, or bay developed in limestone or dolomite and found along the Mediterranean coast; think of it as a Mediterranean fjord. I knew you were wondering about this. 

  (Lilipop on fotocommunity)