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   Ice sculpture on Petermann Island in Antarctica, which I have always thought of as a northern sort of place. NOOOO! Antarctica is actually Earth’s southernmost continent, encapsulating the South Pole. It is about twice the size of Australia, and 98% of it is covered in ice at least a mile thick. Cosy.

   This is also Strange but True: Antarctica is considered a desert, with annual precipitation of only 8 inches along the coast and far less inland. The temperature has reached −89 °C (−129 °F) which might explain why there are no permanent human residents. Nobody ever posts on their Tumblr "I miss Antarctica."    Anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 people do reside temporarily at research stations scattered across the continent, however, and take lovely pictures such as this. (Photographers Eye flickr)

   Hawaii, USA and HOW FUN WOULD THIS BE?? (topendsteve on flickr)

   Hidden Lake, Glacier National Park; Montana. Montana is a very large western state in the US which borders on Canada, and contains far more mountains than people. If you are misanthropic, antisocial, solitary, reclusive, or a troglodytic loner than this is the state for you. (San Francisco Gal on flickr)

   Sighisoara, (pop. 27,000) is in the Transylvanian region of Romania, Eastern Europe. (posted by tinkerbell on

   If this does not inspire sea lust in you, there is no hope. This is off the coast of Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Along with its surrounding minor islands it constitutes an autonomous region of Italy. (Stefania Guidice)

   Tierra del Fuego, off the southernmost tip of South America. Tierra del Fuego is divided between the countries of Chile and Argentina. (Walter Q on flickr)

  Surfer in Tasmania, Australia (Stuart Gibson)

   Nelson’s Dockyard,on the Antigua portion of Antigua and Barbuda-two tiny islands which make up a country in the West Indies. Nelson’s Dockyard is an authentically preserved eighteenth century British naval base. (saxonfenken on flickr)

   ”Shipwreck Cove: Zakynthos, Greece (Nadia and Casey Photography)